Anti Anxiety Deep Sleep Calming Dog Bed for Small Medium Dogs,Fluffy Round Donut Puppy Beds for Small Medium Dogs Washable for 10-45 Lbs Pet Dogs B08Y8VB95P

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Anti Anxiety Deep Sleep Calming Dog Bed for Small Medium Dogs,Fluffy Round Donut Puppy Beds for Small Medium Dogs Washable for 10-45 Lbs Pet Dogs B08Y8VB95P

  • Anti Anxiety Dog Bed - Dogs sleep more than 14 hours a day,but most of them are light sleep.Dogs are too alert,or other factors lead to poor sleep quality.In the long run,dogs will be irritable and mentally abnormal,and thus suffer from Various anxiety disorders. If the dog's sleep quality can be improved,it will not only help the dog's physical health,mood and memory,but also the owner will not be woken up by the dog at night.That's why our team designed this calming bed for dogs with anxiety.
  • Calming Dog Beds for Medium Dogs - So how do you make your furry pets sleep soundly? According to the observations of animal experts, dogs are most comfortable, safe, secure and happy when they sleep in a soft, warm, familiar and safe place.We will explain the surface material of the calming fur dog bed. We use faux fur that is soft, comfortable and self-heating.Lying on a plush dog bed is like snuggling up to mom, helping to relax and reduce anxiety.
  • Fluffy Dog Beds for Medium Dogs - For the new year 2022, we filled more interior stuffing,which makes the comfy calming dog bed softer and more fluffy and more supportive. Premium padding Provides support and relief for joint pain in the head and neck and orthopedic joint muscles throughout the body, and creates a soft, comfortable environment for dogs napping on our comfy dog bed. Almost any dog can benefit from a fluffy dog bed.
  • Round Dog Beds for Medium Dogs - The round donut cuddler design provides dogs with their own personal space. The round dog bed makes the dog feel like he's in a burrow. They are surrounded on all sides and can see what is going on around them, which is how they naturally hide in their burrows. Usually makes the dog feel super safe, safer than an open orthopedic dog bed, and curled up in the middle of the round fluffy dog bed is like a hug from the owner, giving the ultimate sense of security.
  • Donut Bed for Medium Dogs - According to customer feedback in 2022, the calming bed for dogs is not stable enough, so our team has increased the area of the bottom anti-skid material, which can easily stabilize the home, farmhouse, car seat, elevated dog bed, dog cage, sofa, and escort the safety of dogs ! Only provides better stability for your donut dog beds for medium dogs, allowing your dog to have fun and peace of mind in the dog donut bed!
  • Puppy Beds for Medium Dogs Washable - Are you still troubled by the inconvenience of cleaning your calming anxiety dog bed? Our calming donut dog bed are so easy to use and wash that you don't have to disassemble and get your hands dirty, because our entire anxiety bed for dogs is machine washable, leaving you hands free. comfy dog bed are safe in both washer and dryer (Hand wash or machine wash on gentle cycle. Tumble dry, low heat).Say goodbye to cleaning worries.
  • Dog Beds for Medium Dogs - We recommend a 30" doggie beds for medium dogs under 45 lbs and 24" length,please choose the appropriate deep sleep calming bed for dogs based on dog's size.Dark grey dog bed medium are vacuum compressed due to shipping requirements.So after you've opened the package,knead the compressed padding to help restore the dog calming bed to its optimal fluffy condition.Let it sit for 24 hours after knead and you'll be surprised how soft, comfy and fluffy the cozy dog bed is.
  • 2022 New Improvement: we keep collecting suggestions from our nononfish fan customer,and improve our cuddler dog bed quality from inner filler to outside plush.At first, we stuffed more stuffing and according to reviews our soft dog bed would not be fluffy.Secondly,increase the bottom anti-skid area to improve stability. Thirdly, our plush material is hypoallergeric.

    • Size : 30 in (Pack of 1)
    • Material : Pearl cotton, Soft Faux Fur Surface Material, Non-slip and Waterproof Dirt-Resistant Backing, Delicate edge, Filled with High Quality Fibers See more
    • Brand : Nononfish
    • Color : Dark Grey
    • Fill Material : Polyester_Fiber