Hermit Crab Food Packs Pour N' Go Food Tubes BioactiveFX B09BDR65LW

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Hermit Crab Food Packs Pour N' Go Food Tubes BioactiveFX B09BDR65LW

  • Hermit crab food packs filled with healthy and safe options for your crabby friends! Great for beginners or experienced crabbers. Our products cover all necessary amino acids, fatty acids, fiber, and are loaded with vitamins and minerals that are key to proper metabolic function for land hermit crabs. Chitin, B vitamins, Vitamin A and E, calcium, astaxanthin, anthocyanins and more!
  • NO PRODUCTS UNDERGO CHEMICAL PROCESSING OR PRESERVATION. Made in the U.S.A. Small batch processing to ensure high quality food items.
  • Formulated by animal science and nutrition degree holder--we focus on what is best for your land hermit crabs, while understanding the science behind it! LHCOS Approved Seller.
  • All items can be stored for up to two years in a cool, dry, dark location. Please make sure to close the tubes completely to avoid humidity spoiling the product. All foods can be safely frozen for extended shelf life.
  • Now packaged in our new Pour N' Go Food Tubes. NEW: These tubes now have convenient flip-tops, making feeding your hermit crabs even easier! These hold more food than any of our previous packaging. PLUS they are #5 recyclable and have a moisture resistant closure.

    • Brand : Cholla Queen
    • Flavor : Green with Envy Powder Pack
    • Target Species : Fish
    • Item Form : Powder, Frozen
    • Breed Recommendation : Coenobita species, Purple Pincher, Ecuadorian, Strawberry, Ruggie, Viola, Blueberry, Indo, Aussie, All Land Hermit Crab Species See more